The real-time monitoring of odorous gases or more classical pollutants emitted by industrial sites (wastewater treatment plants, refineries, landfills, etc.) appears nowadays as a requirement, in order to optimize the site process and operations, or communicate towards the neighborhoods and local public bodies.

While emissions can be measured directly at the source (in the stack, exhaust, etc.), ambient air measurement all around the sites provides a better accuracy and anticipate pollution episodes.

resultat-d'analyse-en-temps-reel des emissions diffuses This is why Cairpol developed around its Cairsens sensors a concept of smart and autonomous stations: Cairnet.

Without any maintenance nor calibration, Cairnet is a completely autonomous system energy-wised, with user friendly and efficient interface, accessible from any internet-connected device.

With a meshing varying in thickness (from one to several tens stations) installed on an industrial site, the operator can then measure  fugitive emissions from really low levels of concentration (close to human perception threshold) and thus enhance his operations and forecast the areas impacted by his emissions.

Measured values follow-up can hence be done directly from the site or remotely, giving a better management flexibility.

Applications examples:

  • Alarm triggering after threshold overrun on one particular location, or for a given pollutant => leak detection, overproduction, treatment failure, etc.
  • Comparison between regular repeating events, with an accuracy of one minute => correlation between external events, etc.
  • Forecasting of fence-line emissions, to communicate towards surroundings.
  • Online and real-time monitoring of all the site in the world via one unique interface.
  • Database build-up for modelling software