Cairsens – a complete range of air quality monitoring sensors.

The core product of Cairpol is the Cairsens sensor. Several integrated solutions ar built around it, in order to address the various needs of air quality monitoring.

Able to monitor pollutants at very low concentration levels (ppb-levels for most) with a 1-minute time frame while being calibration-free for a complete year, Cairsens deliver a highly reliable and accurate measurement (comparable to reference analyzers, with a +/-30% accuracy as stated by the European directive 2008/50/EC). A Cairsens sensor can measure the following pollutants:

  • Nitrogen Dioxide – NO2Cairsens-pollution-sensors-ENVEA-Cairpol
  • Ammonia – NH3
  • Sulfur Dioxide – SO2
  • Carbon Monoxide – CO
  • Hydrogen Sulfide & Mercaptans – H2S/CH4S
  • Ozone & Nitrogen Dioxide – O3/NO2
  • Formaldehyde – CH2O/Organic solvents
  • Non-methane Volatile Organic Compounds – nm VOC
  • Particulate matter – PM

In addition to the previous features, our sensors Cairsens also have a low power consumption, allowing them to be used in different kind of configuration:

  • Cairclip : the autonomous pollution sensor
  • Cairtub : the stand-alone pollution monitoring station
  • Cairnet : the real-time pollution monitoring network

Check them out, one of them can certainly fit with your needs!