CAIRCLIPThe Cairsens was initially developed for the real-time measurement of pollutants and survey the effect on people suffering from respiratory conditions.The various health and safety management systems in the workplace now requiring more and more the evaluation and the traceability of the workers chronic exposure to risks the Cairsens was further developed to measure and to follow-up occupational exposure of the workers.

Available in a small housing that can be attached to a belt, helmet clip or carried on round the neck, the micro-sensor  continuously measures the individuals exposure to the concerned pollutant, and records the data which can then be downloaded onto a PC.



Accessories delivered with a CairSens :

  • USB cable: battery recharge on PC  or on power supply with adaptator, USB cable is used for data transfer to PC
  • Charger 100V-240V/ USB
  • Set of 2 additionnal filters
  • 2 connectors: one red to stop measure and one green for measure mode

caiclip-et-accKey features of the Cairclip :

  • Compact size (diameter: 32mm / length: 62mm / weight: 55 g)
  • Higly reliable and accurate data
  • Low data measurement period: 1-min data
  • No maintance, no calibration for 1 year
  • Battery autonomy: 36 hours maximum
  • Datalogger capacity: 11 days of 1-min data
  • Data stored: 1-min or 15-min data

All the technical datasheets for every pollutants and their operating conditions are available on request, as well as the user manual.