Cairtub is an integrated system for the low concentration measurement of pollutants, compact and ready to use. Cairtub allow for easy deployment of autonomous measurement points virtually everywhere, inside and outside.Its low dimensions and its simplicity of installation allow for quick easy to realize field measurement campaigns.

 The Cairtub can be used in urban zones, isolated areas or the workshop area for example to estimate the chronic exposure of the workers. The system can be used in harsh weather conditions. It is also the ideal tool for lower cost the studies for the optimisation and setting-up of fixed air quality monitoring stations. With an power autonomy of 21 days, these measurement systems consist of a stainless weather protection case for exterior use even in bad weather conditions and the micro-sensor CairSens, adapted to the low concentration measurement of pollutants to be measured (O3/NO2, H2S/CH4S, CO, SO2, COVnM NH3… ) or other compounds of specific interest.

Cairtub is the result of an objective: how to use the unique features of Cairpol sensors for outdoor, long-term studies? Cairtub has been thought in this manner, and consists in a compact integrated system able to hold up to 3 different sensors, while powering and protecting them.

Comprising a high-capacity battery, the Cairtub can power all the required sensors for up to 21 days while they stay protected from the different outdoor threats for this kind of equipment (rain, wind, big animals, etc.). It becomes the perfect tool for any field measurement campaigns, as it easy to deploy, install and maintain, both indoor and outdoor.

Applications are numerous: traffic monitoring in urban zones, workers exposure in workshop areas, study for fixed air quality monitoring stations installation optimization, etc.

The only requirement is to come on-site every 10 days to extract the data from the sensors, and eventually charge the battery of the Cairtub if the study is longer. The ideal would be to have a wireless access to the data, while the stations being completely autonomous power-wise… Seems interesting ? Cairnet is made for you, check it out !


Key features of the Cairtub :

  • Compact size (120 x 120 x 100 mm)
  • Easy to deploy, install and maintain
  • Able to hold up to 3 sensors for multi-parameters studies
  • Power capacity for 3 sensors for 21 days, rechargeable with power supply included or solar panel in option
  • Supports available on demand (mast or tripod)

User manual Cairpol